Customs Clearance

Our expertise in both British and Latin American import regulations enables us to process customs clearance for these markets accurately and efficiently. For the benefit of our clients, we take into account the existing tariff preferences and trade agreements between the EU and Latin American countries. Our customs clearance services are available for both air and sea shipments and include easy mechanisms for the payment of import taxes if applicable.

Whether you are an experienced or first-time exporter/importer, we are here to assist you with all related customs formalities.

How we can help:

  • Accurate customs clearance processing, focused on the UK and Latin American markets
  • Checking that your goods comply with regulations for both exports and imports
  • Advice on import duty/vat rates, commodity codes, tariff preferences, tariff quotas
  • Procesing of entry to bond, export from bond, and bond to bond transfers
  • Payment on your behalf of import taxes
  • Procesing of import tax refund claims

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