Exporting Products to BOLIVIA

Location: Bolivia is located in west-central of South America, is bordered to the north and east by Brazil, to the south by Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile, and to the west by Chile, and Peru. Its three largest cities are Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Sucre, and La Paz.

Bolivian national currency: Boliviano (BOB).

Main language: Spanish.

Shipping from the UK to Bolivia

Transit time via air from the UK to airport in Bolvia is approximately 3 days. Bolivia's main cargo international airports are Viru Viru, located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and El Alto, located in La Paz.

Transit time via sea from the UK to Bolivia is approximately 30 days. Bolivia does not have access to own sea ports as it has no coastline. A large part of its sea trade goes in via the Chilean port of Arica.

Export documents required include packing list, commercial invoice, and health / organic / phytosanitary certificate where applicable. Requirements for the importer in Bolivia include registration with the Bolivian customs authority (AN), for the exporter in Britain include having an EORI number.

Top-10 products exported from the UK to Bolivia in 2023

M: Millions USD. K: Thousands USD. Source: TRADING ECONOMICS / UN Comtrade

Find opportunities to export to Bolivia

If you are an exporter based in Britain, the UK Department for Business & Trade (DBT) offers an online tool where you can search for current export opportunities and pitch your products to overseas buyers including Bolivian importers.

If you are an importer based in Bolivia looking for British products, we invite you to complete the application form at great.gov.uk to access contact details of British exporters via this tool which is administrated by the UK government. When completing the form, please reply 'Britain Latin America Logistics Ltd' to the question 'Where did you hear about great.gov.uk?'

Import taxes/restrictions in Bolivia

Logo Bolivian customs with link to tariff classification -AN

Visit the official Bolivian tariff classification website at AN (Aduana Nacional) to consult applicable import taxes and restrictions. If you are based in the UK, you can access the UK official export tool: goods from the United Kingdom to Bolivia.

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